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West is Best - a few venues in West Wales

Towards the end of August I spent a few days doing a bit of exploring in West Wales. Although my visit there was far too brief, I managed to visit a few cracking local venues, so I thought I’d write a little bit about them… Here’s a very quick summary of a few highlights!

Wright’s Food Emporium, Llanarthne
Definitely one of the highlights of the trip, this place is seriously worth visiting. A café/deli with a wide range of cheeses, meats & other goodies, which serves great food. On the beer front, the deli stocks a tremendous selection of beers – from local Welsh breweries to international craft superstars Mikkeller. This was a noteworthy selection, which included the likes of Tenby Brewing, Geipel, Wild Horse, Bluestone and others. They also had a couple of interesting beers on tap, including London microbrewery The Kernel.

I would thoroughly recommend a detour to Wright’s for anyone travelling towards West Wales. You won’t be disappointed.

There are rumours that plans are afoot for a wine-led venue in Cardiff… Let’s hope this comes to fruition, perhaps with a few beer offerings as well!

The Ginhaus Deli, Llandeilo
Another day another deli. Once again, great selections of cheese & meat, and an incredible stock of gin, if that’s your thing.

An eclectic yet cosy interior, which feels a little bit like a wine-cellar (in a good way), was particularly charming when candle-lit during the evening.

No beers on tap, but a very decent range of bottled and canned beer available. Very good offerings available from 4Four, Otley, Bluestone and others.

No visit to Llandeilo should omit this little gem of a deli.

The Angel Hotel, Llandeilo
An interesting and welcoming pub with buckets of character. There are several rooms spread throughout the pub, each with their own unique personality.

Beer-wise, a good selection of Welsh brews, with Gower and the recently-resurrected Celt brand available on tap.

This pub has an old-world warmth which makes it a popular venue amongst tourists and locals alike.

SandBar, Tenby
What an absolute belter of a bar. Located in a little courtyard off Upper Frog St, this is a sharp bar, with contemporary light-industrial-décor.

Serving as the brewery tap for the excellent Tenby Brewing Co, a range of cracking local beers are available on tap, along with a well-stocked bottle collection, with beers from Crafty Devil, Otley, Heavy Industry, Arbor and many more available in addition to Tenby’s own.

This is a really top quality craft beer bar and kitchen, which must be one of the best in Wales.


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